Das EFX Biography

Das EFX was formed by Drayz (Andre Weston, 9 September 1970, New Jersey, USA) and Skoob (b. Willie Hines, 27 November 1970, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA; Skoob is ‘books’ spelled backwards), two easy-natured rappers whose success story was of the genuine rags to riches variety. As college friends who had met during English classes, they entered a rap contest at a small Richmond, Virginia nightclub. Luckily for them Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith of EPMD were in attendance, and, despite not winning, they walked off with an instant record contract. The judgement shown by EPMD proved impeccable when Das EFX’s debut release, Dead Serious, charted strongly. Soon they were touring together, despite the fact that neither Drayz nor Skoob were old enough to legally enter the premises on some of the dates. As rap aficionados began to look once more to the old school and its freestyle vocals, Das EFX were the perfect modern proponents, with their jagged, cutting rhymes and sweet wordplay. They developed a wonderful habit of making words up if they could not find something appropriate in the dictionary to shore up their rhymes: ‘We’re not too worried about really putting heavy messages in our records - we just try and make sure all the lyrics are super dope’. It was a style that was to be, in typical hip-hop fashion, quickly adopted and mimicked by a hundred other artists, and by the time of their follow-up some of its impact had been lost. Their debut self-production, ‘Freak It’, followed in 1993, and was the first release to see them drop their familiar tongue-flipping style, which detractors accused them of copying from UK rappers such as the Demon Boyz. The advent of west coast gangsta funk saw the duo suffering a blow to their credibility, allied to criticisms that their style possessed only novelty value. Toughening up their stance, they silenced some of these detractors with 1998’s streetwise Generation EFX.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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Straight Up Sewaside