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T. Graham Brown Songs List

At His Best
Released in 2006
$6.40 CD Sale
Best of T. Graham Brown
Released in 1997
$14.20 CD Sale
Live at Billy Bob's Texas
Released in 2004
$15.40 CD Sale
All-Time Greatest Hits
Released in 1994
$14.20 CD Sale
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.I Tell It Like It Used To Be
  • 2.Hell And High Water
  • 3.Brilliant Conversationalist
  • 4.She Couldn't Love Me Anymore
  • 5.Darlene
  • 6.Come As You Were
  • 7.Drowning In Memories
  • 8.Shakey Ground
  • 9.With This Ring
  • 10.If You Could Only See Me Now
Released in 2015
$10.90 CD Sale
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.I Tell It Like It Used To Be
  • 2.Brilliant Conversationalist
  • 3.Come As You Were
  • 4.Don't Go To Strangers
  • 5.I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
  • 6.Darlene
  • 7.The Last Resort
  • 8.Hell & High Water
  • 9.She Couldn't Love Me Anymore
  • 10.Power of Love
Greatest Hits [Bonus DVD]
Released in 2004
$10 Out of Stock
Bumper to Bumper
Released in 1990
99¢ Sold Out
List Price: $6.98
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Moonshadow Road
  • 2.You Can't Make Her Love You
  • 3.I'm Expecting Miracles
  • 4.If You Could See Me Now
  • 5.I'm Sending One up For You
  • 6.I've Been Loving You Too Long
  • 7.Eyes Wide Open
  • 8.Bring a Change
  • 9.Blues of the Month Club
  • 10.For Real
  • 11.We Tote the Note
You Can't Take It With You
Released in 1991
$5.98 Out of Stock
List Price: $12.98
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.You Can't Take It With You
  • 2.Love at Work
  • 3.The Rock
  • 4.With This Ring
  • 5.Sweet Believer
  • 6.Just a Woman
  • 7.You're Everything She Couldn't Be
  • 8.Shakey Ground
  • 9.Pillow of Mercy
  • 10.Bolt Out of the Blue
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