IMDb 7/10

 (2,255 Ratings)
Network: CBS
Actors: Jay North,
Herbert Anderson,
Gloria Henry,
Joseph Kearns,
et al.
Genres: Comedy,
First Aired: October 4, 1959
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

There were 146 B&W episodes that portrayed Dennis as the helpful menace that caused chaos. Dennis lived at 627 Elm Street next door to his best friend Mr. Wilson. Although Mr. Wilson did not consider himself to be Dennis' best friend. Dennis always was there to help Mr. Wilson whether he wanted the help or not. Joseph Kearns played Mr. Wilson until his death in 1962. He was the perfect Mr. Wilson. He was persnickety, a perfectionist, highly intelligent and best of all, he still liked Dennis in spite of his helpful misadventures.

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