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Network: E!
Actors: Dr. Daniel Yamini,
Dr. Robert Rey,
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen,
Dr. Raj Kanodia,
et al.
Genres: Documentary,
First Aired: July 1, 2004
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Dr. 90210

Dr. 90210

What lifts Beverly Hills above all the rest? Is it saline? Silicone? Could be, because Beverly Hills is where to go to get yourself a new look. Whether you need a little nip and tuck or want the jiggle put back in your wiggle, these doctors are the best in the business. On E!'s new reality series, Dr. 90210, we follow the top cosmetic surgeons and meet the people who rely on them. And we don't leave you in the waiting room; you'll be invited in for consultations with the patients and watch as the actual surgeries take place. This reality series showcases plastic surgeons who work in Beverly Hills, the epicenter of the plastic surgery world, and chronicles their personal lives, as well as their professional accomplishments. The episodes feature the thoughts and changes of each patient as they undergo plastic surgery, pre-and post-operation, as well as an inside look at each surgery as it is actually taking place. It's strong, compelling viewing that you won't want to miss.

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