IMDb 4.5/10

 (2,201 Ratings)
Network: VH1
Actors: William Jonathan Drayton Jr.,
Tiffany Pollard,
Brooke Thompson,
Ricky B. Head,
et al.
Genres: Game Show,
First Aired: January 1, 2006
Runtime: 45 minutes
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TV Shows Flavor of Love

Flavor of Love

After his failed romance with Brigitte Nielsen, Flavor Flav is ready for a new and true romance. In "Flavor of Love," 20 single women from all walks of life, selected for their expressed love for Flav, will move into a "phat crib" in Los Angeles and vie for his affection. With help and advice from Big Rick, Flav's gigantic body-guard and chauffeur, Flavor Flav will date all of the women, weed out the ones who are only after his fame and fortune...and in the end will choose his one true love. Along the way, Flav will put the ladies through several challenges including a lie-detector test administered by Brigitte Nielsen herself, a cooking contest judged by Flav's own mother, and the dreaded blind-fold sniff test! Plus, there will be several other surprises throughout this ten-part series including clock ceremonies, dates at Red Lobster, and a new set of gold teeth signifying true love!

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