IMDb 7.8/10

 (4,386 Ratings)
Network: FX
Actors: Erik Palladino,
Lizette Carrion,
Omid Abtahi,
Sticky Fingaz,
et al.
Genres: Action,
First Aired: July 27, 2005
Runtime: 45 minutes
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TV Shows Over There

Over There

"Over There" portrays the first scripted television series set in a current, ongoing war involving the United States. Gritty, intense, evocative and emotional, "Over There" takes you to the front lines of a battle and explores the effects of a war on a U.S. Army unit sent to Iraq on their first tour of duty, as well as the equally powerful effects felt at home by their families and loved ones. "Over There" is not about politics or policies. It's a true-to-life depiction of courageous soldiers - the everyday heroes who fight for freedom under extraordinary conditions.

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