IMDb 7.9/10

 (949 Ratings)
Genres: Animation,
First Aired: May 15, 1967
Runtime: 10 minutes

TV Shows Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar as a character first appeared in the animated film "The Inventor" in 1967, made by a great Croatian animator, a candidate for Oscar and British academy award and a winner of numerous awards on many animation festivals, Zlatko Grgic. Professor Balthazar is a scientist, with good nature, a friend to all living beings, protector, defender of good and a fighter against evil, ecologist, promoter of tolerance, peace and love, witty, creative, modest and obliging. With his kindness and a will to help people make the world pleasant and better, Professor Baltazar is a perfect character for the 21st century.

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