IMDb 7.9/10

 (1,550 Ratings)
Network: BBC Three
Actors: Sharon Horgan,
Rebekah Staton,
Tanya Franks,
Cavan Clerkin,
Genres: Comedy,
First Aired: November 23, 2006
Runtime: 30 minutes

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In the first episode, we meet Donna (played by Sharon Horgan), a young woman about to settle down and marry her dependable - if rather boring - fiancé Karl (Cavan Clerkin). Then, on her hen night, the true horror of settling down and settling for second best hits Donna. Although she doesn't want to hurt Karl, she tells him that the wedding is off and moves into a shared house in Penge, South London, with her best friends, sex-mad Karen (Tanya Franks) and lovable dreamer Louise (Rebekah Staton).

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