IMDb 7.5/10

 (23,129 Ratings)
Network: NickToons
Actors: Billy West,
John Kricfalusi,
Gary Owens,
Harris Peet,
et al.
Genres: Adventure,
First Aired: August 1, 1991
Runtime: 10 minutes
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TV Shows The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren & Stimpy Show

The show revolves around the lives of an angry, insane chihuahua named Ren Höek and his brain-dead "eediot" sidekick cat, Stimpy. Together the duo have lots of bizarre and outrageous adventures accompanied by George Liquor, Mr. Horse, Powdered Toast Man, Muddy Mudskipper, Mr. and Mrs. Pipe, Mrs. Buttloaf, and Svën Höek.

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