IMDb 8.5/10

 (4,389 Ratings)
Network: CBC (CA)
Actors: Gema Zamprogna,
Lally Cadeau,
Sarah Polley,
Zachary Bennett,
et al.
Genres: Adventure,
First Aired: January 7, 1990
Runtime: 60 minutes
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TV Shows Road to Avonlea

Road to Avonlea

Welcome to the Road to Avonlea guide at TV Tome! Following their success with "Anne of Green Gables," the talented duo of Kevin Sullivan and Trudy Grant set their eyes toward a television series, based on one of Lucy Maud Montgomery's favorite characters, Sara Stanley, The Story Girl. Using tales from the books, "The Story Girl," "The Golden Road," "The Chronicles of Avonlea" and "The Further of Chronicles of Avonlea," Sullivan Entertainment created a heartwarming family classic TV series. Set against the stunning backdrop of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Road to Avonlea follows the adventures of the King family and the residents in the quaint town of Avonlea at the turn of the 20th century. Road to Avonlea first aired in 1990 on Canada's CBC. It was soon picked up by America's Disney Channel, who re-named it "Avonlea." The series ran for seven seasons until 1996, a total of 91 - 1 hour episodes. Since the series end, Sullivan Entertainment has filmed a special reunion.

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