IMDb 3.3/10

 (497 Ratings)
Actors: Chuck Messer,
Deanne Bell,
Nick Blair,
Kevin Cook,
Genres: Reality
First Aired: December 26, 2007
Runtime: 45 minutes
Avg Customer Rating

TV Shows Smash


Dangerous Experiments for a Safer World The next generation in destruction instruction, Smash Lab features a team of maverick engineers as they take on everyday technology and apply it in revolutionary new ways. First they break down the technology to see how it works and then use their know-how to see how it could be used in a different, supersized way. Could bulletproof Kevlar protect an airliner from bombs? Could a car airbag be reinvented to stop a helicopter from sinking after ditching at sea? The Smash Lab team aims to find out. Filmed at their Crash Lab in California, the team puts their ambitious plans to the test and captures them from every camera angle imaginable. Smash Lab is a visual feast of fireballs, explosions, crashes, collapses, collisions and impacts, because sometimes destruction is good for you.

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Smash - Season 1 (4-DVD)
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Smash - Season 2 (4-DVD)
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