IMDb 8.3/10

 (203 Ratings)
Network: MTV2
Actors: Ryan Simpkins,
Jon Glaser,
Alyson Levy,
Vernon Chatman,
et al.
Genres: Animation,
First Aired: March 11, 2005
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Wonder Showzen

Wonder Showzen

Wonder Showzen is a chaotic mix of puppets, animation and live action with a twist that will leave viewers torn between laughter, sadness and sheer perplexity. Episodes will contain skits from the main puppets (Chauncey, Wordsworth, Sthugar and Him), news segments with A.P. Gibralter, and Clarence's "puppet on the street" skit. Think delightfully dark yet smartly subversive. Wonder Showzen takes your favorite things about watching TV as a kid and turns them into a twisted nightmare for all ages.

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