IMDb 6.9/10

 (71 Ratings)
Network: NBC
Actors: Richard Crane,
John Goddard,
Robert Bice,
Genres: Crime,
First Aired: March 20, 1952
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Gang Busters

Gang Busters

The format of the series were action-packed stories on the apprehension of major criminals, taken from actual police and FBI files. The stories were presented in semi-documentary style. There was no continuing cast, but creator and writer Phillips H. Lord narrated each show. The series ran on alternate weeks with Dragnet on NBC on Thursday nights for a little more than a season. It was the highest rated show at the time NBC decided to cancel it, in favor of airing "Dragnet" weekly. The NBC episodes appeared in syndication in 1953 under the title "Captured", hosted by Chester Morris. In 1955, new first-run episodes under the original "Gang Busters" title were released in syndication by General Teleradio, following their release of the theatrical feature Gang Busters.

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