(26 Ratings)
Network: CBS
Actors: Beau Bridges,
Lloyd Bridges,
Harley Jane Kozak,
Meghann Haldeman,
et al.
Genres: Action,
First Aired: September 25, 1993
Runtime: 45 minutes

TV Shows Harts of the West

Harts of the West

City slicker Dave Hart is an underwear salesman who after a heart attack quits his dead-end job, uproots his family, and heads West in search of his inner hombre. Dave, his wife Alison, their teenage son Zane, teenage daughter L'Amour and 9 year old son, Duke, all move to Sholo, Nevada where they run into aging cowpoke Jake, who's not at all happy to share his land. This former city-dwelling family are very new to their ranch surroundings leading to hilarious incidents.

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