IMDb 7.3/10

 (690 Ratings)
Network: Starz
Actors: Alexandra Wentworth,
Aris Alvarado,
Candace Brown,
Rob Benedict,
et al.
Genres: Comedy
First Aired: April 18, 2007
Runtime: 30 minutes
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TV Shows Head Case

Head Case

Dr. Elizabeth Goode is a therapist played by Alexandra Wentworth. She works in LA with celebrities. Celebrities in LA tend to live fast and hard in a rock-n-roll roller coaster lifestyle that has some rough ups and downs. And as a result, these celebrities need help to deal with some of their personal issues--help from a sympathetic and understanding and professional person. Dr. Elizabeth Goode is not that person.

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Head Case - Season 1 (2-DVD)
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Head Case - Complete Series (4-DVD)
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