IMDb 7.6/10

 (1,121 Ratings)
Network: ABC (US)
Actors: Richard Crenna,
Tony Martinez,
Madge Blake,
Lydia Reed,
et al.
Genres: Comedy,
First Aired: October 3, 1957
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows The Real McCoys

The Real McCoys

The McCoy family moves from the mountains of West Virginia to California's San Fernando Valley. The leader of the clan is Grampa--a cranky old geezer with a distinctive voice and gait--but underneath it all, he has a heart of gold. Living with him are his grandson, Luke, and Luke's bride, Kate. Due to the death of Luke's parents, these three adults are raising Luke's teenage sister, Hassie, and his younger brother, Little Luke. Walter Brennan is Amos, head of a West Virginia clan on a California ranch, in a popular sitcom that paved the way for such rural hits as `The Beverly Hillbillies' and `The Andy Griffith Show.' Amos is the granddad who `roars like a lion but [is] gentle as a lamb,' sharing his wisdom with kin like grandson Luke and daughter-in-law Kate, and the farmhand Pepino.

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