IMDb 5.2/10

 (951 Ratings)
Network: Syndication
Actors: Gena Lee Nolin,
Kevin Quigley,
Margo Moorer,
John Allen Nelson,
Genres: Action,
First Aired: October 1, 2000
Runtime: 60 minutes
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TV Shows Sheena


Based upon the comic book character Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, which in turn spawned a popular 1950s TV series of the same title, the 2000s series updated the character to the 21st century. Sheena is about the adventures of a brave, beautiful defender of a tropical African paradise threatened by modern civilization. Orphaned at a young age by tragedy in the jungle, Sheena was raised by the last living member of a native tribe, the Kaya, who possessed the mystical power to "shape shift" into the forms of wild animals by feeding the spirit of their soul. It's a gift shared by Sheena, who can turn herself into an animal and travel through the jungle unrecognized while battling outside forces that invade La Mistas, her primal home.

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