IMDb 7.3/10

 (55,574 Ratings)
Network: NBC
Actors: Eric McCormack,
Brian Jordan Alvarez,
Shelley Morrison,
Megan Mullally,
et al.
Genres: Comedy,
First Aired: June 30, 1998
Runtime: 25 minutes
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TV Shows Will & Grace

Will & Grace

Will & Grace is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on NBC from 1998 to 2006. The show takes place in New York City and focuses on Will Truman, a gay man and lawyer, and his best friend Grace Adler, a Jewish woman who runs her own interior design firm. Also featured are their friends Karen Walker, a rich socialite, and Jack McFarland, a struggling actor/singer/dancer who also has had brief careers as an acting teacher, back-up dancer, cater-waiter, talk-show host and student nurse.

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